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    Ceiling Subwoofer

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    Lucky-tone believes that the sound in a venue should be uncompromised, including the oftenover looked secondary areas. To this end we are proud to introduce our LT-8.1SUB subwoofer ceiling speaker to you. The LT-8.1SUB equipped with a 3-Shift switch that you can choose 100V, off and 8ohm.  It is a subwoofer with a deep but clean sound. Also, it is a low frequency supplement. It can be used with any ceiling speaker and let the entire sound field to be filled with the energy of the bass. So this 8 inch subwoofer ceiling speaker is a perfect choice for the place where additional low frequency response is required.


    1. Elegant outlook
    2. Easy to install and maintain
    3. Made of durable material
    4. ABS enclosure

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