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  • Description

    Active wall mount 2 way speaker with Bluetooth Technology

  • Long Description

    With high efficient Class-D amplifier, audio signal processor, Bluetooth receiver, 2.4G wireless microphone and professionally designed speaker all integrated in one body, this all-in-one wall speaker allows you to stream the high quality music from your wired or wireless devices to it without adding any external amplifier. It is designed for class rooms and other small places which require high quality music and speech.


    ●Adopt 4.2 +BR+EDR+BLE Bluetooth technology

    ●Built-in16bit DAC Digital Audio Processor

    ●2.4G Wireless Microphone

    ●Built-in high efficiency class D amplifier

    ●With Rj45 to connection with wall control panel

    ●Stereo and mono selection

  • Sheets, Manuals

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