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    • Description

      ELVOX Door entry / Due Fili Plus kit / TAB Series

    • Long Description

      Video kit 1-Fam.Tab 5S Up Wi-Fi +1300E
      Due Fili Plus one-family colour hands-free video door entry kit containing: 1 Tab 5S Up video entryphone 40515, white, with integrated Wi-Fi for call forwarding to smartphone, 1 series 1300/E flush mounting or surface mounting anodised aluminium entrance panel 40151, 1 audio/video electronic unit 40135, 1 power supply unit 40110

      • Connected thanks to integrated Wi-Fi
      • With View App, more functions and improved control
      • Multi-system and multi-user
      • Also suitable for refurbishments
      • With Teleloop, optical and acoustic signalling. Crystal-clear sound and visual feedback confirm the activation of the functions, facilitating use for the visually impaired or hearing aid wearers too
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