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  • Description

    ELVOX Door entry / Due Fili Plus kit / TAB Series + 1300 panel

  • Long Description

    Tab+13F2.1 videoentry kit one/two-Family
    Due Fili Plus video door entry kit containing: 1 1300 series for entrance plate 13K1 for flush or surface mounting in anodized aluminium with 1 additional button R131, 1 audio/video electronic unit 13F2.1, 1 Tab 4.3 surface mounting video entryphone with 4.3 in colour LCD monitor 7549 white, 1 power supply unit 6922.1

  • Sheets, Manuals

    FI Instructions Sheet (788kb)

    MI Installer Guide (4700kb)

    MI Installer Guide (30408kb)

    MI Installer Guide (3714kb)

    SC Data Sheet (1990kb)

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